Kevin Coyne – Dandelion Years 1969-1972 [Reissue] (2007)

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Three CDs round up Kevin Coyne’s entire Dandelion label catalog, and do so in a way that cannot help but send you searching for his later (and better-known) Virgin catalog. Never a stranger to the phrase “tortured genius,” the songs here largely reflect on Coyne’s career working in a mental institution; not in a direct manner, of course, but with an eye for the extremes of the human condition that few other songwriters ever, focused on. The albums Siren, Strange Locomotion, and Case History are here, covering Coyne’s output between 1969-1972; the former two cut with the band Siren, while there is also a look back at Clague, the partnership he formed with guitarist David Clague, and which produced a pair of oddball singles in 1969. Both are included here as bonus tracks, while Case History is likewise bolstered by the inclusion of the “Cheat Me”/”Flowering Cherry” single that was Coyne’s solo debut. Raw production and a scratchy blues demeanor highlight the two Siren albums; Case History is more in keeping with Coyne’s later acoustic direction. But all three make fine bedfellows all the same, with this budget-priced package easily ranked among the most essential Coyne purchases of them all.

CD 1:
1. Ze-Ze-Ze-Ze (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 3:04
2. Get Right Church (McDowell) 3:20
3. Rock Me Baby (Josea, King) 3:30
4. Wake Up My Children (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 3:37
5. Wasting My Time (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 2:49
6. Sixteen Women (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 2:46
7. First Time I Saw Your Face (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 2:52
8. Gardener Man (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 3:32
9. And I Wonder (Coyne, Cudworth) 2:45
10. The War Is Over (Clague, Coyne) 4:48
11. Asylum (Coyne, Cudworth) 3:44
12. Bertha Lee (Petway) 3:17
13. I Wonder There (Coyne, Cudworth) 5:09
14. Mandy Lee (Clague, Coyne) 2:01
15. Bottle Up and Go (Traditional) 3:12
16. The Stride (Clague, Coyne) 2:36

CD 2:
1. Relaxing with Bonnie Lou (Coyne, Cudworth) 3:24
2. Some Dark Day (Coyne, Cudworth) 3:31
3. Hot Potato (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 4:07
4. Soon (Coyne, Cudworth) 3:46
5. Gigolo (Coyne, Cudworth) 4:25
6. I’m All Aching (Coyne, Cudworth) 3:03
7. Strange Locomotion (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 2:56
8. Shake My Hand (Coyne) 3:17
9. Lonesome Ride (Coyne, Cudworth) 2:20
10. Fetch Me My Woman (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 7:38
11. Fat Moaning Minnie (Coyne, Cudworth) 2:50
12. Squeeze Me (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 2:35

CD 3:
1. God Bless the Bride (Coyne, Cudworth) 3:55
2. White Horse (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth, Ferguson) 4:13
3. Uggy’s Song (Coyne) 2:58
4. Need Somebody (Coyne) 4:15
5. Evil Island Home (Coyne) 5:00
6. Araby (Coyne) 3:38
7. My Message to the People (Coyne) 5:23
8. Mad Boy (Coyne) 4:45
9. Sand All Yellow (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 5:44
10. Cheat Me (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 3:13
11. Flowering Cherry (Clague, Coyne, Cudworth) 2:41

John Chichester – Guitar
Dave Clague – Bass
Kevin Coyne – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Cudworth – Guitar, Piano
Mick Gratton – Guitar
Tat Meager – Drums
Mick Sweeny – Guitar

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