Keith Emerson – Off The Shelf [Remastered] (2006/2017)

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Off The Shelf – Keith Emerson Full-length studio recorded CD released in 2006 – A collection of recordings throughout Emerson’s career “Some of the musical styles presented here contributed to my work with Emerson, Lake & Palmer and also The Nice. I feel very fortunate to have played certain pieces with musicians who are the best in their field. So abandon any expectation of continuity and expect the unexpected as I present ‘Off the Shelf’ – a veritable cornucopia of potpourri within an audio montage! This is all stuff I love and want to share with you now.” – Keith Emerson (from the liner notes) Distinguished musicians such as late Cozy Powell, Pat Travers, John Doukas, The Nice, The London Jazz Orchestra, Levon Helm & Garth Hudson of The Band, Simon Phillips, London Philharmonic Orchestra etc. played on this album, which was recorded throughout Keith’s career.

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