Julian Lennon – Jude (2022)

Posted by Green on September 8, 2022
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Julian Lennon is back with his first new album since 2011′s ‘Everything Changes’ and only his seventh studio album since debuting with ‘Valotte’ way back in 1984. He has enlisted fellow songwriters as co-writers on much of the album including Mark Spiro, Guy Chambers (World Party, Robbie Williams) and Peter-John Vettesse (Jethro Tull, Simple Minds).

Julian Lennon acknowledges the Beatles history that runs throughout his life as the album’s title is a reference to ‘Hey Jude’, written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon/McCartney) for the then three year old Julian. The album’s cover photo features Julian Lennon photographed in 1974, adding to the sense of past meets present that runs throughout the album.

‘Every Little Moment’ is a perfect piece of pop, doffing a musical hat to the 80′s sound, whilst ‘Round and Round Again’ is a beautifully crafted piece focussing on Julian’s vocals and a musical sound that draws the listener in.

Overall the album has a reflective, mellow air with plenty of string arrangements and piano. ‘Love Never Dies’ is a perfect example and a song that demands repeated plays. ‘Breathe’ follows a similar vein, showing how his vocals still have that soothing, yet powerful, melodic sound. You could argue his singing has grown stronger with age.

‘Lucky Ones’ is the one song that shifts into a rockier sound, as the heavy drums and guitar add a bit of heft to a song understandbly released as a single.

The album closes with ‘Gaia’ which features the Blue Nile’s Paul Buchanan and Elissa Lauper. Very different from what has gone before with the French spoken word of Elissa intoducing the song, before Julian’s vocals start, followed by the soothing singing of Elissa and then Paul Buchanan’s vocals adds yet another dimension to the song. Gentle on the ears, yet never bland and featuring three fine vocal performances.

Julian Lennon’s most rounded and enjoyable album since his 80′s output. He has mined his pop writing skills and along with long-time musical collaborator Justin Clayton, made one of the year’s best albums.

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