Judy Collins – Oldies Selection: Best Of (2021)

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01. Judy Collins – Bold Fenian Men
02. Judy Collins – Bonnie Ship the Diamond
03. Judy Collins – Christ Child Lullaby
04. Judy Collins – Crow on the Cradle
05. Judy Collins – Fannerio
06. Judy Collins – Golden Apples of the Sun
07. Judy Collins – Great Selchie of Shule Skerry
08. Judy Collins – I Know Where I’m Going
09. Judy Collins – John Riley
10. Judy Collins – Lark in the Morning
11. Judy Collins – Little Brown Dog
12. Judy Collins – Maid of Constant Sorrow
13. Judy Collins – O Daddy Be Gay
14. Judy Collins – Pretty Saro
15. Judy Collins – Sailor’s Life
16. Judy Collins – Shule Aroon
17. Judy Collins – Sing Hallelujah
18. Judy Collins – Tell Me Who I’ll Marry
19. Judy Collins – The Prickilie Bush
20. Judy Collins – The Rising of the Moon
21. Judy Collins – Tim Evans
22. Judy Collins – Twelve Gates to the City
23. Judy Collins – Wars of Germany
24. Judy Collins – Wild Mountain Thyme

Of the artists who enjoyed success in the folk music boom of the early ’60s, very few have had a career as long and varied as Judy Collins, in large part because she’s displayed a stylistic range matched by few of her peers. While Collins is a gifted songwriter who penned a few of her best songs, including “Since You Asked,” “My Father,” and “Secret Gardens,” it’s her talent and versatility as an interpretive vocalist that has brought her lasting success. Collins’ strong, clear voice has been adaptable to everything from Appalachian folk (1961’s A Maid of Constant Sorrow), pop-inflected folk-rock (her hit cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” from 1967’s Wildflowers), show tunes (“Send in the Clowns” from 1975’s Judith), artful a cappella (“Amazing Grace” and “Farewell to Tarwathie” from 1970’s Whales & Nightingales), ambitious narrative pieces (“Marat/Sade” from 1966’s In My Life, “Che” from 1973’s True Stories & Other Dreams), and the work of contemporary songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Jacques Brel. The unifying factors of Collins’ work have always been the maturity and depth in her performances and a commitment to quality songwriting, and she’s upheld her high standards through a career that has spanned six decades.

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