Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures [40th Anniversary Edition] (2019)

Posted by Green on August 7, 2019


40th anniversary of the release of Joy Division’s debut studio album, and to celebrate the occasion, Rhino is releasing a limited-edition version of the album on 180-gram ruby red vinyl, and it’ll be housed in an alternative white sleeve. In fact, we’re not just releasing it: we have released it! It came out today, and it’s in stores now!

Now that we’re in the second paragraph of this announcement, we should probably take a step back and make sure that everyone who’s read this far is actually familiar with the album in question, not to mention the band that released it.

When rock journalists throw around the term “post-punk,” there’s a good chance they’re utilizing it because they’re talking about Joy Division. The band emerged from Manchester, England in the late ‘70s, brandishing a sound which was dark, powerful, and nearly impossible to ignore. Their career was all too short-lived, however, due to the depression that gripped lead singer Ian Curtis, who took his own life just as the band was about to embark on their first U.S. tour, and while the other members of the band soldiered on – perhaps you’ve heard of New Order? – the work Curtis did whilst in Joy Division remains some of the most acclaimed of its time.

Disc: 1
1. Disorder (2007 Remaster)
2. Day of the Lords (2007 Remaster)
3. Candidate (2007 Remaster)
4. Insight (2007 Remaster)
5. New Dawn Fades (2007 Remaster)

Disc: 2
1. She’s Lost Control (2007 Remaster)
2. Shadowplay (2007 Remaster)
3. Wilderness (2007 Remaster)
4. Interzone (2007 Remaster)
5. I Remember Nothing (2007 Remaster)

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