Johnny Thunders – Que Sera, Sera – Resurrected (2020)

Posted by Green on September 11, 2020as

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Johnny Thunders’ 1985 studio album – remixed and revamped with many unheard tracks. Remixed by Pat Collier, it features two new tracks discovered on the album 2-inch tapes along with six unreleased outtakes.

The album features Wilko Johnson, Mike Monroe, John Perry, Patti Palladin, Henri-Paul Tortosa, Nasty Suicide, Stiv Bators, JC Carroll, Glen Matlock amongst others. The bonus LP has one side of studio outakes and five live tracks on the other.


01. Alone in a Crowd (Resurrected Remix)
02. Countdown Love
03. Blame It on Mom (Resurrected Remix)
04. Talk About You
05. M. I. a. (Resurrected Remix)
06. Little Bit of Whore (Resurrected Remix)
07. Short Lives (Resurrected Remix)
08. I Only Wrote This Song for You (Pat Collier Remix)
09. Cool Operator (Resurrected Remix)
10. Billy Boy (Resurrected Remix)
11. Endless Party (Resurrected Remix)
12. Que Sera, Sera (Resurrected Remix)
13. Copy Cat
14. Blame It on Mom (Outtake)
15. Taking You up Avenue D
16. Short Lives (Outtake)
17. I Only Wrote This Song for You (Outtake)
18. Cool Operator (First Version)

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