Johnny Thunders – Que Sera, Sera – Live in Europe (2020)

Posted by Green on September 12, 2020
in rock

320 kbps | LINKS


01. Blame It on Mom (Live Geneva)
02. M.I.a. (Live Geneva)
03. Cool Operator (Live Geneva)
04. Personality Crisis (Live Geneva)
05. Countdown Love (Live Geneva)
06. Little Bit of Whore (Live Geneva)
07. Short Lives (Live Amsterdam)
08. So Alone (Live Amsterdam)
09. Sad Vacation (Live Amsterdam)
10. Too Much Junkie Business/Pills (Live Amsterdam)
11. Little Bit of Whore (Live Amsterdam)
12. Born to Lose (Live Amsterdam)
13. Chinese Rocks (Live Amsterdam)
14. Countdown Love (Live Lyon)
15. Just Another Girl (Live Lyon)
16. Talk About You (Live Lyon)
17. Alone in a Crowd (Live Lyon)
18. It’s Alright (Blame It on Mom) (Live Lyon)

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