Johnny Cash – Easy Rider: The Best Of The Mercury Recordings (2020)

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In 1986, after almost 30 years on Columbia Records, Country music legend Johnny Cash released his first album on Mercury Records – Class Of ’55, in collaboration with fellow Sun Records alumni Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. Seven years later, his last recording before signing with Rick Rubin’s American Recordings would be another collaboration, “The Wanderer”, with U2.

In the years that span those recordings, Johnny Cash released a total of six albums for Mercury Records. The highlights of that output are presented here, on the brand new compilation Easy Rider: The Best Of The Mercury Recordings.

Now remastered for the very first time, using the original Mercury master tapes, the 24 tracks that make up the set feature Cash’s updated interpretations of classics songs “Get Rhythm” and “Tennessee Flat Top Box”, the rare B-side “Veteran’s Day”, Elvis Costello’s “The Big Light”, and his collaboration with U2, “The Wanderer”.


1. Waymore’s Blues (2:26)
2. We Remember The King (3:01)
3. The Big Light (2:42)
4. The Night Hank Williams Came To Town (3:25)
5. Let Him Roll (4:29)
6. W. Lee O’Daniel (And The Light Crust Dough Boys) (2:45)
7. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (2:48)
8. The Last Of The Drifters (3:20)
9. That Old Wheel (2:51)
10. Get Rhythm (2:33)
11. Tennessee Flat Top Box (3:09)
12. Sunday Morning Coming Down (3:56)
13. Veteran’s Day (3:01)
14. A Backstage Pass (3:23)
15. Cat’s In The Cradle (3:18)
16. Farmer’s Almanac (3:49)
17. Monteagle Mountain (3:11)
18. I Shall Be Free (3:29)
19. I’m An Easy Rider (2:37)
20. The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All (3:34)
21. Hey Porter (2:20)
22. The Mystery Of Life (3:11)
23. Goin’ By The Book (3:20)
24. The Wanderer (From “Faraway, So Close!” Soundtrack) (5:17)

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