John The Conqueror – The Good Life (2014)

Posted by on February 28, 2014as

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Philadelphia’s John The Conqueror are back with another slice of blues rock soul on their sophomore album The Good Life. The title fits as this album has an upbeat attitude that comes complete with plenty of songs about women, getting high, boozing and a little bit of trouble.

The album starts off with the riff filled “Get Em’” that establishes John The Conqueror’s sound right from the beginning. It picks right back up from their 2012 self-titled debut and with a stomping chorus that includes “smoke em’ if you got em’, if you ain’t then goin’ get em’”, your blues lightning rod ear will instantly be hooked. “Mississippi Drinkin’” has a slow burning blues flow that oozes cool as singer Pierre Moore works the guitar and convinces you that Mississippi style is the only way to throw them back. This mid-tempo blues rock vibe continues on throughout The Good Life and if you are a fan of this delivery then John The Conqueror won’t disappoint.

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