Joe Walsh – The King Of Comedy: Radio Broadcasts 1981-1991 (2015)

Posted by on October 15, 2015
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A superb guitarist, stylish songwriter and majestic performer, there isn’t much that Joe Walsh hasn’t done during his 40-plus years in the music business. Having played as both a band member (for a while of course, with one of the biggest groups on the planet) and as a solo artist, his most memorable contributions to the rock world are those that were filmed or broadcast, and this CD captures the very finest of these during his post-Eagles phase – the years 1984 to 1991.

1. Indian Summer (Live) (4:12)
2. Ashes The Rain And I Meadows (Live) (2:55)
3. Walk Away (Live) (4:11)
4. Welcome To The Club (Live) (5:11)
5. Over And Over (Live) (5:27)
6. Two Sides To Every Story (Live) (4:01)
7. Ordinary Average Guy (Live) (4:12)
8. Life’s Been Good (Live) (8:13)
9. Funk #49 (Live) (4:42)
10. Rocky Mountain Way (Live) (8:02)
11. The Confessor (Live) (6:21)
12. In The City (Live) (3:38)
13. Look At Us Now (Live) (5:38)
14. The Bomber (Live) (7:15)

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