Joe Normal – Crude Folk (2015)

Posted by on September 8, 2015
in folk

160 kbps | 67 MB | UL | UA

“Joe is McCartneyesque in the best ways possible, but where Paul might feel obliged to add some cheap and patronizing studio gimmickry to feel edgy and current, like Moby or Kanye or some sh*t, Joe strips it all down to the bare naked essentials- a quietly tapping foot, excellent Jimmy Page quality guitar playing, a beautifully hummable melody, great singing. If Elvis Costello or Andy Partridge wrote this song, (Mockingbirds), all those expensive imported coffee table $13 English magazines would be all over it.”

“Brilliantly executed acoustic pop… effortlessly soaring vocals… he’s easily in league with say, John Waite from the Babys. He smokes guys like Ryan Adams and Rob Thomas, probably even Jacob Dylan, this reminds you of when bands had to be talented, or at least original, or saying something meaningful.”

“Joe Normal’s been through hell and back more than a few times and the man never gives up. He’s been beat up, he’s been thrown out, but he’s not down, he’s not down. He may not be rich and famous, but he’s a blinding star in my tired eyes, and way, way, way more talented than all those rich, mediocre capitalist rappers and corporate whores on major labels.”

“If you like artists who are unusually talented, Joe Normal is one of underground rock and pop’s authentic greats.”

-Geordie Pleathur

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