Joanne Shaw Taylor – The Dirty Truth [Deluxe Version] (2016)

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Joanne Shaw TaylorTaylor embodies all the elements of modern blues, even if she sings with a distinctively British accent. Given her extraordinary dexterity as a guitarist and well-developed vocal chops, Taylor was already a sensation on the blues festival circuit in both the U.S. and Great Britain when only in her mid-twenties. Taylor caught the blues bug as a young teenager growing up in the Birmingham area. She heard guitarists Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, and Jimi Hendrix and knew then that was the kind of music she wanted to pursue, eventually full-time.


1. Mud, Honey (4:28)
2. The Dirty Truth (3:16)
3. Wicked Soul (4:19)
4. Fool In Love (4:04)
5. Wrecking Ball (3:32)
6. Tried, Tested & True (5:00)
7. Outlaw Angel (4:22)
8. Shiver & Sign (5:08)
9. Struck Down (4:28)
10. Feels Like Home (3:19)
11. Mud Honey (Live At Glasgow) (Bonus Track) (4:21)
12. Outlaw Angel (Live At Glasgow) (Bonus Track) (4:24)
13. Wrecking Ball (Live At Glasgow) (Bonus Track) (3:35)
14. Tried, Tested And True (Live At Glasgow) (Bonus Track) (7:17)
15. The Dirty Truth (Live At Glasgow) (Bonus Track) (3:36)


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