Jethro Tull – RökFlöte [Limited Edition] (2023)

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RökFlöte – Jethro Tull – The name of the album comes from “Rock Flute” as the original idea was to make an album of mostly instrumental flute music. But eventually Ian Anderson stated that he was drawn to the phrase Ragnarök with “rök” meaning destiny, course, or direction. Ian Anderson would then change “Flute” to “Flöte” to “keep with the spelling”.

Ian Anderson – flute, vocals
David Goodier – bass
John O’Hara – Piano, Keyboard, Hammond Organ
Scott Hammond – drums
Joe Parrish-James – guitar

CD1-1 Voluspo 3:43
CD1-2 Ginnungagap 3:49
CD1-3 Allfather 2:46
CD1-4 The Feathered Consort 3:40
CD1-5 Hammer On Hammer 3:09
CD1-6 Wolf Unchained 4:58
CD1-7 The Perfect One 3:51
CD1-8 Trickster (And The Mistletoe) 3:01
CD1-9 Cornucopia 3:53
CD1-10 The Navigators 4:27
CD1-11 Guardian’s Watch 3:30
CD1-12 Ithavoll 4:00
Demo Versions Of All Songs
CD2-1 Voluspo (Demo) 2:54
CD2-2 Ginnungagap (Demo) 3:53
CD2-3 Allfather (Demo) 2:48
CD2-4 The Feathered Consort (Demo) 3:39
CD2-5 Hammer On Hammer (Demo) 3:16
CD2-6 Wolf Unchained (Demo) 3:33
CD2-7 The Perfect One (Demo) 3:44
CD2-8 Trickster (And The Mistletoe) (Demo) 3:02
CD2-9 Cornucopia (Demo) 3:54
CD2-10 The Navigators (Demo) 4:29
CD2-11 Guardian’s Watch (Demo) 3:31
CD2-12 Ithavoll (Demo) 3:29

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