Jeff Kellly – Beneath The Stars, Above The River (2019)

Posted by Green on October 12, 2021as


Kelly delivers these songs with an intimacy which brings them home and also propels others with convincing pop-rock (the guitar jangle Senor Senor which revert back to the greatness of Green Pajamas and Moon Over Granada touches the spirit of a more gritty Tom Petty ) or move towards a dreamy Mediterranean heat (Hush of the Southern Night).

Here,with musical influences from the Iberian Peninsula, his acute storytelling (Todo por la Gitana) and these sophisticated, poetic songs where he played just about every instrument himself, Jeff Kelly once again confirms he is a rare writer . . . especially when it now comes to wine, women and Spain.
Limited to only 300 copies, on 140gm virgin audiophile vinyl – remastered – sealed with disc housed outside the cover and in lined inner sleeve for extra protection.

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