Jeff Buckley – It’s Not Too Late (2015)

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Recorded for Radio Broadcast in New York & Boston. Many music critics of the day were not only intrigued but enamoured by Jeff Buckley when his musical career began to take off in the early nineties. Jeff Buckley born in California in 1966 and as the name suggests, he was the son of legendary singer, composer and guitarist, Tim Buckley, hence the early fascination with his artistic potential. Appearing on the world stage in 1994 with the critically well received album Grace, Jeff Buckley was poised to become a successful artist through the nineties and into the new millennium. However this sadly never happened as he would die in the spring of 1997 before fully realising his potential and only a half finished second album which was subsequently released posthumously. This double album of radio broadcasts contains a wide and eclectic range of songs and performances, including songs that would appear on Grace. Drawn from broadcasts both before and after Grace, these performances show another side to Jeff Buckley. The songs featured here include Hallelujah, a song now strongly identified with Jeff Buckley and many covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Elton John. More importantly, for the first time this release includes the full unedited performance from WMFU at Upsala College on the 11th October 1993.


Disc: 1
1. Grace
2. Monologue
3. So Real
4. Interview
5. Lover, You Should’ve Come Over
6. Introduction
7. Lost Highway
8. Monologue
9. Eternal Life
10. Please Send Me Someone To Love
11. The Way Young Lovers Do
12. Interview
13. Hallelujah
14. Monologue
15. Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind
16. Alligator Wine
Disc: 2
1. Monologue
2. Unforgiven
3. We All Fall In Love Sometimes
4. Curtains
5. Monologue
6. Dink’s Song
7. Corpus Christi Carol
8. Intro
9. Lilac Wine
10. So Real
11. What Will You Say
12. Last Goodbye
13. I Woke Up In A Strange Place
14. Lover, You Should’ve Come Over (Radio Broadcast Version 2)

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