Imran Musa Zangi & Filip Zangi – Darek (2022)

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01. Imran Musa Zangi – Vlčí pecka
02. Imran Musa Zangi – Deep Reset
03. Imran Musa Zangi – Potkat Mirka (feat. Annamária d’ Almeida)
04. Imran Musa Zangi – JAMájka
05. Imran Musa Zangi – Dnes večer poletím (feat. Roysha Arielle)
06. Imran Musa Zangi – Saint Anna
07. Imran Musa Zangi – Zigizigi (feat. Michael V. & Annamária d’ Almeida)
08. Imran Musa Zangi – Undressed
09. Imran Musa Zangi – Dárek

Director and musician Filip Zangi decided to give his father, percussionist Imran Zangi, an unusual present for his round birthday. He dedicated to him the realization of a solo music album, which he set for its complete creation – from the composition of the songs to their recording – just one week. The album contains 9 author’s songs and at the same time a short documentary film about the recording process was created. The music of this project oscillates between soul, funk, pop and jazz, and for its realization the two Zangi invited a number of well-known musicians, such as bassist Matěj Belko, guitarist Matěj Morávek, keyboardist Jan Aleš or saxophonist Michal Žáček. Filip and Imran Zangi sat behind the drums and percussion, and the guests on the album are Annamária d’Almeida, Michael Viktořík and others. You will see this group live at the record launch in Jazz Dock! In addition, the evening will also include a screening of the eponymous short film about the record’s recording.

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