Eric Jacobson – Discover (2022)

Posted by gregg on October 21, 2022
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320 kbps


01. Eric Jacobson, Geof Bradfield, Bruce Barth, George Fludas – New Combinations
02. Eric Jacobson, Geof Bradfield, Bruce Barth – Discover
03. Eric Jacobson, Geof Bradfield, Bruce Barth – I Hear a Rhapsody
04. Eric Jacobson, Geof Bradfield, Bruce Barth – The Unknown
05. Eric Jacobson, Geof Bradfield, Bruce Barth – Sir John
06. Eric Jacobson, Geof Bradfield, Bruce Barth – Con Alma
07. Eric Jacobson, Geof Bradfield, Bruce Barth – One Way
08. Eric Jacobson, Bruce Barth – Old Folks


Bruce Barth, piano
Eric Jacobson, trumpet
Geof Bradfield, tenor sax
George Fludas, drums
Dennis Carroll, bass

Eric’s New Combinations serves as a rousing fanfare to this entirely wonderful new album. The rhythm section is locked in, the front line is tight, the solos are fluid and spirited all signs that this combination of musicians has many more musical treats in store for the listener’s pleasure.

New Combinations is not only a reference to the title tune of the 2013 album Combinations: Live at the Jazz Estate by the Eric Jacobson – Eric Schoor Quintet, but also a reference to the innumerable changes that have occurred in the past 9 years and, of course, in Eric’s life in particular. If you’re into analogies and literary allusions (Dennis?), you might consider this album to be Eric’s musical Odyssey. The sequence of tunes on the album, each of them conveying different moods and eliciting various emotions, seem to me to follow a narrative arc. I’ll say a bit more about this below, but I won’t push this idea too far because, frankly, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the music. And the music here is great! All you need to do is listen and I mean really listen to the exclusion of everything else. This is not background music. If you’re reading these notes while listening, or doing the dishes, or anything else, I urge you to stop trying to multitask and just immerse yourself in the music.

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