Dave Scheffler – Atomize (2022)

Posted by gregg on October 3, 2022
in jazz



01. Here Comes the Sun
02. Good Dreams
03. Inside Out
04. Atomize
05. Top Down
06. Blue Shift
07. Slip Slidin
08. Out of Orbit


Josua Kovacevic – Sax
Tony Franklin – Bass
Donnie Marshall – Drums
Alexander Bone – Sax
David Crozier – Sax
Juan Miguel Alcántara – Drums
Dave Scheffler – Pno/Kbrd
Dave Scheffler – Bass
Dave Scheffler – Drums

Since moving to the otherworldly desertscape of Joshua Tree, Dave Scheffler has returned to his jazz roots, channeling this meditative existence into an album of original compositions influenced by the cool modal jazz of the late ’50s/early ’60s (Miles Davis, Bill Evans) and fusion greats of the ’70s (Weather Report, Return to Forever), and on into the solo work of Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter. His influences from the jazz styles of cool, modal and fusion seems to fall under the rubric of 21st Century Modern Jazz.

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