Lionel Martin – Sol – étincelles (2022)

Posted by gregg on October 2, 2022
in jazz

320 kbps


01. Quai de la résistance
02. Janvrier
03. Retour en ville
04. Chasser les tyrans
05. Tunnel Of
06. Rewind
07. Crossover
08. 1=50-49
09. Crépuscule (d’un dimanche)
10. Nuit blanche dans la lumière du sommeil
11. Interlude

Continuation of the albums Solos et Solo, echoing the fabulous experience of the Grand Barouf – 24 days, 24 hours of performance in a container in Saint-Etienne for the Rhino Jazz festival. An album organised and structured by Ludovic Chazalon, artistic director of the festival, in the continuity of the multiplied energies of Robert Combas

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