Dieter Ilg – Dedication (2022)

Posted by gregg on September 20, 2022
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320 kbps


1. Rochade (4:44)
2. Altes Land (3:53)
3. Wupp (2:10)
4. Diversity (2:30)
5. Path-26 (2:17)
6. Forest Kill (2:31)
7. Fernweh (2:48)
8. Hamami (3:00)
9. Erlösung (4:44)
10. Punk.t (1:20)
11. Schöne Neue Welt (4:10)
12. No Manipulation, No Corruption (2:18)

Dedication finds Germany’s renowned double bassist alone in the studio. For this recording, Dieter Ilg preferred not to pre-plan or pre-determine anything, but rather to create music in the moment in an intimate dialogue with his instrument. The idea might seem challenging but the results are totally compelling: Dieter Ilg’s solo album is a homage to people who have left their mark on him, to some fellow musicians, and to the strong imperatives that have made him the man and the musician he is. Dedication is a manifesto for the freedom of jazz and at the same time a declaration of the special affection he feels for his low-frequency friend and companion.

Dieter Ilg, double bass

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