Matthias Lindermayr – Triptych (2021)

Posted by gregg on December 31, 2021
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01. Matthias Lindermayr – Sanctuary
02. Matthias Lindermayr – Triptych
03. Matthias Lindermayr – Lola
04. Matthias Lindermayr – Simmering
05. Matthias Lindermayr – February 19th
06. Matthias Lindermayr – First Steps
07. Matthias Lindermayr – A Long Day Out
08. Matthias Lindermayr – Farewell

Known for his soothing trumpet work in German jazz group Fazer, Matthias Lindermayr is back on Squama with an all-new trio and his third album ‘Triptych’.
With Philipp Schiepek on acoustic guitar and Simon Popp on percussion, the Munich-based musician created a forward-thinking record between jazz and contemporary classical, conceptually bold and utterly beautiful.
‘Triptych’ is a thrillingly quiet record.
While the album’s predecessor ‘Newborn’ (2018) featured a quintet, the rather unusual trio line-up on ‘Triptych’ gave Matthias more room to share the nuances of his playing.
His compositions, most written especially for this group, are of a noble simplicity allowing the musicians to focus more on interaction and sound.

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