Pat Metheny Group – Discography

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The Pat Metheny Group was an American jazz band founded in 1977. The core members of the group are guitarist, composer and bandleader Pat Metheny; and keyboardist and composer Lyle Mays, who was in the group at its inception. Other long-standing members included bassist and producer Steve Rodby, who joined in 1981, and member Antonio Sanchez, who had been the group’s drummer since 2002. In addition to a core quartet, the group was often joined by a variety of other instrumentalists expanding the size to six or eight musicians.

1978 – Pat Metheny Group
197 – American Garage
1982 – Offramp
1983 – Travels
1984 – First Circle
1985 – The Falcon And The Snowman
1987 – Still Life (Talking)
1989 – Letter From Home
1993 – The Road To You
1995 – We Live Here
1996 – Quartet
1997 – Imaginary Day
2002 – Speaking Of Now
2005 – The Way Up

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