James Wallace & The Naked Light – More Strange News From Another Planet (2013)

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JAMESAt first glance, More Strange News From Another Star, folk singer-songwriter James Wallace’s debut with band The Naked Light, is an incomprehensible artifact, mainly because it hails from a time that does not exist. Looking at its baffling lyrics and its scope of references, it has one foot set in 1821 and the other in 2118. Even Wallace’s music is a far cry from the earnest campfire reveries we’ve come to associate with the genre of folk music, transparent about its mishmash nature and drawing from psychedelic, surf-rock, jazz and blues with gusto. The record captures a distinct vintage quality channeled from some non-existent music period from decades past, rich with storytelling-folk arrangements.  James has often compared to Paul Simon in vocal range and his use of textured percussion, and the comparison is appropriate as his songwriting showcases a love of African music and Gospel harmonies.

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