Jack Savoretti – Sleep No More (2 CD Special Edition) (2017)

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320 kbps | 204 MB | LINKS

Limited special two CD edition contains one new track, “Whiskey Tango”, plus a bonus disc of acoustic and live versions of tracks past and present. 2016 release, the follow up to his top 10 breakthrough album Written In Scars. Sleep No More features 12 original songs that are set to establish Jack as one of the UK’s biggest male artists.

Disc: 1
1. When We Were Lovers
2. Deep Waters
3. I’m Yours
4. Helpless
5. We Are Bound
6. Tight Rope
7. Troubled Souls
8. Only You
9. Sleep No More Any Other Way
10. Start Living in the Moment
11. Lullaby Loving

Disc: 2
1. Whiskey Tango
2. Soldiers Eyes (Live)
3. Breaking the Rules (Live)
4. Home (Live)
5. The Other Side of Love (Live)
6. Tie Me Down (Live)
7. When We Were Lovers (Acoustic Version)
8. Deep Waters (Acoustic Version)
9. Start Living in the Moment (Acoustic Version)
10. Only You (Acoustic Version)
11. I’m Yours (Acoustic Version)
12. Whiskey Tango (Demo)

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