J.J. Cale – To Tulsa And Back (2005)

Posted by Green on October 17, 2020
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A legend wrapped in mystery, J. J. Cale’s records and persona have earned him a devoted cult following worldwide. He quietly made a major impact on rock music, but remains an enigma as perhaps the most unpretentious man in popular music. Among his devoted fans are musicians of all generations, such as Willie Nelson, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton and Widespread Panic. This documentary looks at Cale’s music, life and career. It follows him and his band through six American states on his ‘To Tulsa and Back’ tour.


1. Mamma Don’t Allow – Live
2. Sensitive Kind – Original Studio Version
3. Drifter’s Wife – Live Version
4. Mojo – Original Studio Version
5. Cajun Moon – Live
6. Downtown LA – Original Studio Version
7. Cloudy Day – Original Studio Version
8. After Midnight – Original Studio Version
9. After Midnight – Live With Eric Clapton
10. Cocaine – Original Studio Version
11. Cocaine – Live
12. Lowdown – Live
14. Crazy Mama – Live – 2 Times: One Time Old Footage
15. Miss Old St. Louis – Live
17. Bringing It Back To Mexico – Live
18. Call Me The Breeze – 2 Live Versions: One With Eric Clapton
19. The End Of The Line – Original Studio Version
20. If You Ever Leave Oklahoma – Live
21. If You Ever Leave Oklahoma – Original Studio Version
22. My Gal – (Bonus Only) – Live
23. The Old Man And Me (Bonus Only) – Live
24. Pack My Jack – Original Studio Version
25. Birds Song – Live
27. Bus Rider – Original Studio Version
28. Gasoline (Bonus Only) – Original Studio Version
29. High School – Live
30. On Tour – Original Studio Version
31. Days Go By – Original Studio Version
32. Call Me The Breeze – Original Studio Recording

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  • j4p says:

    been trying all morning to open these files to no avail./ i think something wrong somewhere. downloaded all 3 times now.when playing only first minute plays over and over.

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