Improved Sound Limited – Improved Sound Limited (1971, Reissue 2001)

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Improved Sound Limited is a German krautrock group formed in 1961. The band started at Willstätter School in Nuremberg with the name “Pyjamas Skiffle Group”. From 1964 to 1966, they changed their name to “Blizzards” and backed pop singer Roy Black at 33 shows. The name “Improved Sound Limited” appears at 1966 and remains, except for a brief period during 1976 when CBS advised them to change to the name “Condor”.


01. Doctor Bob Dylan
02. Pink Hawthorn
03. Johanna
04. If You Want To
05. Oedipus
06. Fudd McGorges
07. Thingamannalime
08. An Old Army Poern
09. Where Will The Salmon Spawn
10. To My Son
11. Shining Brighly In The Sun
12. It Is You (You Belong To Me)
13. Columbines, Violets And Daisies
14. I Am The Wolf
15. A Well-Respected Man
16. Drunken Mr Hyde
17. A Soldier’s Songbook
18. ***

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