Hurry – Every Little Thought (2018)

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You’re quickly transported into another world from the moment to take the plunge into Hurry’s dreamy and timeless new album, Every Little Thought. Filled to the brim with warm, lush instrumentals and soft, soothing vocals, this release will make you long for warm summer afternoons and relaxing outside without a care in the world.

Opening track, “Every Little Thought” quickly establishes the unique sound on this album – something that falls between modern emo and The Shins. This song alone feels like an epic journey of self-exploration, so the following nine songs are simply just a stunning bonus. From there, the album dives into retro, guitar driven indie-pop that will continue to set Hurry apart from the pack. Songs like “Read Between The Lines” take you back in time while “Waiting For You” makes you take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror. Somehow, Hurry have managed to blend stunning instrumentals with really introspective, personal lyrics like, “Do you really wanna spend your time alone? / Do you really feel fine when you’re at home?” It’s pop music with a purpose.

The great thing about Every Little Thought is that it never feels stagnant. With such a laid-back sound, one might assume that every single song on this album would sound the same, but by the time you hit the fifth track, it’s obvious that there is quite a bit of diversity on this release. Upbeat songs like “On The Streets” sit nicely next to dreamy tracks like “Heatwave” or slower cuts like, “Time and Time Again.” The album as a whole feels perfectly constructed as well, with each instrument balancing the others out. Some songs, like “Read Between The Lines,” are bass-driven, while “Time and Time Again” are carried by stunning vocal harmonies and sweeping, soothing guitar work.

Every Little Thought plays best when you listen to it from front to back. Although there are certainly some strong standouts like “Jamie,” which features some great bass and drum work, or the lyrically driven “Waiting For You,” the album as a whole feels like the perfect soundtrack to this summer. And the best part? You’ve still got a few months to fall in love and learn every single song before warmer weather finally arrives.

Review by Shannon Shumaker

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