Hot Buttered Rum – The Kite & the Key, Pt. 1-2-3 (2016)

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“We set out to make something very different! We thought this was going to be a collection of our sweeter songs, however we got an EP of dark earthy music. I love it. Carbone found a strong current running through several of our other songs, we followed him down a rabbit hole and I’m glad we did. In these songs there’s yearning for clarity, there’s regret for things done, there’s awe at the pace of life and the sweep of time. We aren’t greenhorns (“this ain’t my first rodeo”), and we aren’t elders or masters yet (“I wanna know what my soul is worth”) and we’re trying to be real with who we are and where we’re at. I feel good about how these six songs fit together with each other, it will be interesting to see how they reverberate with the songs in the other two EPs.” – Nat Keefe

Nat Keefe: guitars, vocals
Erik Yates: banjo, guitar, dobro, lap steel, piano, vocals
Bryan Horne: upright bass
Zebulon Bowles: 5-string violin, piano, vocals
Lucas Carlton: drums, percussion
Tim Carbone: vocals

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