Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – This Old Town (2013)

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The band consists of Adam Greuel on guitar, dobro and vocals, Collin Mettelka plays fiddle, mandolin and vocals, Davey Lynch, harmonica, accordion, vocals, Samual Odin on bass and vocals with Russell Pedersen playing banjo and fiddle as well as vocals. The lead vocals often have a rawness to them and are always evocative with the excellent harmonies on this album that is given a further lift by their highly descriptive songwriting that in many cases lifts them above many of their peers. I don’t know how the songwriting is split within the band but it is certainly true to their background, with a strong water dominated rurality flowing through most of these excellent story songs.
Their blend of old timey, bluegrass and folk has a lot of originality, with every instrument playing it’s part on an album on which even the bass gives far more than just a solid foundation, adding to the power of every song, in fact just about every instrument used plays a lead part at some stage in the proceedings. They also seem to use the harmonica more than most, giving a further diversity to their sound that often brings a different atmospheric slant to the songs. It’s almost as if their skills are so exceptional they make even experimentation seem fully formed.

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