Hazmat Modine – Extra-Deluxe-Supreme (2015)

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Extra-Deluxe-Supreme is the newest album by Hazmat Modine that will be released late september 2015. Yours truly was already able to take a good listen to this album and believe me the band serves it hot! Drawn from the vaults of American music and spiced up with Afro-pop, Tuvan soul and a handful of other influences this Memphis stew is indeed hot. Ten tracks long the band brings the blues in many shapes and colours but one thing is for sure, the music is always good. Take for instance “Plans” a pur-sang blues tune about the plans we all have in life. Plans for later, but as I always mention, later might be too late. “Your Sister” is another splendid blues track, but again one that comes in a different shape. Featuring Alash (the Mongolian throat singing quartet) with their typical Tuvan instruments, this song comes with a couple of nice surprises. “Arcadia” (coffee, Salt & Laces) features a Malian Harp and thus incorporating some dessert blues in this tune. The song has a bit of a haunting atmosphere and makes me think on something that could come from the hands of Tom Waits, but then Waits with a clear sound. If wetalk about haunted songs, then “Whiskey Bird” must be added to that list as well. Again featuring Alash, this is yet another fine example of the melting pot the music of Hazmat Mondine is.

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