Hawkestrel – Pioneers of Space (2020)

Posted by Green on October 15, 2020as

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The brand new album from the ultimate Hawkwind alumni supergroup featuring Alan Davey, Ginger Baker, Robert Calvert, Nik Turner, Huw Lloyd-Langton, Simon House, Michael Moorcock, Paul Rudolph, Mick Slattery & Bridget Wishart!Also features special guest appearances by Todd Rundgren, Mick Taylor, L. Shankar, David Cross, Arthur Brown, Wayne Kramer, Carmine Appice, Larry Wallis, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Gilli Smith & Adam Hamilton!This album continues the sci-fi adventures of Hawkwind with a mix of original compositions and bold covers including a version of Post Malone’s megahit “Circles!”


1. Biometrics (feat. Alan Davey, Mick Taylor, Simon House, Gilli Smyth & Joel Vandroogenbroeck) (8:30)
2. Cosmic Divide (feat. Alan Davey, Larry Wallis, Ginger Baker, Huw Lloyd-Langton & Paul Rudolph) (5:04)
3. Day of the Quake (feat. Alan Davey, Nik Turner & Adam Hamilton) (4:30)
4. Glass Wolves (feat. Alan Davey, Arthur Brown, Josie Davey & Wyatt Davey) (4:57)
5. Atmospheric Window (feat. Alan Davey & Michael Moorcock) (2:33)
6. Circles (feat. Todd Rundgren & L. Shankar) (4:00)
7. No Doubt (feat. Alan Davey, Mick Slattery & Simon House) (4:58)
8. Journey (feat. Alan Davey, L. Shankar & Bridget Wishart) (5:41)
9. Pioneers of Space (feat. Alan Davey, David Cross, Carmine Appice & Wayne Kramer) (5:53)

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