Hank Williams III – Take As Needed For Pain (2015)

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Four years after Hank Williams III and Curb Records said a mutual “Smell ya later” when his contract with the label ran out, Curb seems so determined to rub Hank III the wrong way that it’s hard to believe it’s not at least a little bit personal.Take as Needed for Pain is the fourth Hank III album Curb (or their alias Bruc Records) has put out since the restless Mr. Williams moved on after a volatile relationship between himself and the label, and like the earlier LPs, this was stitched together like Frankenstein’s monster from session outtakes and tracks Hank III cut for various tribute albums. Take as Needed for Pain is devoted to Hank’s full- on punk and metal sounds rather than his old- school honky tonk numbers, and while on one hand it’s funny that the traditionally conservative Curb Records has released an album featuring Black Flag and ANTiSEEN covers (not to mention two numbers from an Eyehategod tribute set), the truth is this album shows Curb is running out of ways to recycle Hank’s catalog. Hank’s tear through Black Flag’s “No Values” (first released in 2004 on Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three) is inspired, and his fusion of acoustic country and doom metal on “Torn Between Suicide & Breakfast” and ANTiSEEN’s “Ruby, Get Back to the Hills” is bracing and unique, but Hank barely appears on “Get Outta My Life” (from the Rebel Meets Rebel album, with David Allan Coe backed by members of Pantera), and the title track is a ten-minute experiment that wears out its welcome fast.

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