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Guy Forsyth (born December 2, 1968)is an American blues rock singer and songwriter.Forsyth was one of the co-founders of the Asylum Street Spankers.The band developed a raucous and irreverent sound that was driven by musicianship and theatricality.The band played most of its early concerts without amplification.

Forsyth’s repertoire primarily incorporates elements of blues and Americana traditions, with the requisite traces of rock, R&B, folk, jazz and pop. As a songwriter, many of his albums contain his own work and songs he co-composed with other musicians.Forsyth has won several Austin Music Awards, including one for “best male vocalist” in 2005.

1994 – High Temperature
1995 – Needlegun
1999 – Can You Live Without
2000 – Steak
2002 – Voices Inside
2005 – Love Songs: For & Against
2006 – Unrepentant Schizophrenic Americana
2008 – Calico Girl
2010 – Live At Gruene Hall
2010 – Fireside Songs For The Soul
2012 – The Freedom To Fail
2014 – The Pleaser
2014 – Moustache Girl
2015 – Red Dress
2017 – Torches And Pitchforks
2019 – Conspirators

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