Grateful Dead – Dave’s Picks Volume 17: Selland Arena, Fresno, CA 7/19/74 (2016)

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Announced via the Grateful Dead Almanac: Dave’s Picks Vol. 17 is the complete show from July 19, 1974 at Selland Arena, Fresno, CA. Plucked from the Wall of Sound era, this one sees the band doing very big things including a 30-minute “Playing In The Band,” a phenomenal “Scarlet Begonias,” and “Weather Report Suite” with lots of great improvisational moments as well as a “Seastones” set. 7/19/74 has been on our shortlist for quite sometime and we can’t wait for you to hear it mastered to HDCD specs.

When the Grateful Dead hit the workingman’s town of Fresno, California on July 19, 1974, they were undeterred by the blazing heat and inspired by the enormous “thundering machinery” they’d brought along. With the Wall of Sound, they felt they’d reached a whole new level of symbiosis. Can you hear what they heard on that fateful night? Find out when you reach the upper realms of auditory bliss with this “essential for any tape library.” Witness Jerry breaking new ground with a spectacularly different take on “Scarlet Begonias.” Follow Phil and keyboardist Ned Lagin into the future of electronic music with their “Seastones” set and orbit into deep space during the 30-minute “Playing In The Band.” Prefer to listen with both feet on the ground? The second set will bring you back to earth and still have you dancing with a plethora of pleasers like “Brown-eyed Women,” “He’s Gone,” and “U.S. Blues,” rounded out with the band’s one and only “Spanish Jam.”

Disc One
1. Bertha 6:33
2. Mexicali Blues 4:06
3. Deal 4:54
4. Beat It On Down The Line 3:45
5. Row Jimmy 8:20
6. Me And Bobby McGee 6:28
7. Scarlet Begonias 8:51
8. El Paso 4:39
9. Tennessee Jed 7:54

Disc Two
1. Playing In The Band 29:14
2. Seastones 15:13
3. Brown-Eyed Women 5:10
4. Me And My Uncle 3:11
5. It Must Have Been The Roses 5:53
6. Jack Straw 5:27

Disc Three
1. He’s Gone > 14:55
2. U.S. Blues 5:55
3. Weather Report Suite > 18:47
4. Jam > 9:35
5. Eyes Of The World > 16:32
6. China Doll 6:32
7. One More Saturday Night 5:21

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