Gordon Lightfoot – Beginnings (2021)

Posted by Green on March 7, 2021
in folk


1. Adios, Adios (I Will Meet You In Michoacan) (2:17)
2. Cod Liver Oil (2:25)
3. Daisy-Doo (2:22)
4. Day Before Yesterday (2:36)
5. Echoes Of Heroes (3:04)
6. Harbour Le Cou (2:31)
7. Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues (3:05)
8. Moving (2:34)
9. Negotiations (2:43)
10. Spin, Spin (2:35)
11. Too Much To Lose (2:37)
12. Turn, Turn, Turn (3:24)
13. When Spring Was Over The Land (2:24)


  • Ambria says:

    Any chance of this on MP3?

  • Rapolder says:

    You can find any flac to mp3 converter on the net. Here’s one: https://sourceforge.net/projects/bonkenc/

  • ambria says:

    Thanks. Never tried that, always found the MP3 somewhere, but I installed it and will try it

  • ambria says:

    Ok. I have it, but I don’t know how toi convert the flac files to MP3. I put them into the joblist but don’t know what to do next.Lame mp3 encoder is selected. I tried it once, clicking on start encoding but the files disappeared.

  • ambria says:

    It went to a location I didn’t know until I searched. There wasn’t a button to click on where to send file on the one I downloaded. Ok now

  • Albert says:

    VLC will do the job easily. Google it.

  • Rapolder says:

    There is an option at the bottom of the page on the left to select which folder you want the converted files to go to, Now my copy of freac is in Danish, presumably yours is not, so I can’t tell you the exact name (out folder?), but if you click on that area, the choice is yours.

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