Glenn Kaiser – Long Way From My Home (2016)

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Glenn Kaiser has been a musician since the late ’60s. In 1971, he joined the group that would later become Resurrection (Rez) Band. Glenn fronted the hard rock Rez Band for more than 25 years before setting out on his own to pursue other musical avenues. In 1999 he formed the blues rock trio Glenn Kaiser Band (GKB) with former Rez bassist Roy Montroy and drummer Ed Bialach. Glenn’s solo career is centered around the blues, especially with handmade cigar box guitars and other “found object” instruments, but also with lapsteel, acoustic and electric guitars and harmonica.

His extensive discography – 35 recordings to date – includes projects of rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, worship, American roots and, the thread through it all, blues. In 2012, Glenn and blues harmonica great Joe Filisko recorded their live concert at the final Cornerstone Festival (Glenn Kaiser and Joe Filisko Live) and continue to share the stage when schedules allow. His 2011 project Cardboard Box was inspired by the plight of Chicago’s homeless and the symbolic use of found-object instruments like cigar box guitars as trash-to-treasure. Its proceeds continue to benefit a northside homeless shelter, CCO.

On his most recent studio project of traditional blues, Long Way from My Home, the handmade cigar box and “diddley bow” guitars are even more prominent, and the back porch reminiscence strong. The recording is essentially one-man blues, though Joe Filisko features stealthily on four tracks with harmonica, and accurately represents what one will get when Glenn performs solo – subtly brilliant blues.

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