Gina Clowes – True Colors (2017)

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True Colors is a stylistically vivid collection of songs filled with purpose and mood. With an intent to use the banjo as a medium of personal expression, Clowes moves through varied modes of musical treatments. Clowes has recorded an album of almost all original material out of a desire to bring her own music to life.

Gina is accompanied by some musicians she credits as being “family and friends” that include acclaimed bass player Marshall Wilborn, guitar phenom Chris Luquette and mandolin ace Jack Dunlap. Gina’s sister Malia Furtado joins
them as well on fiddle and vocals. In addition, there are special guest performances by well-known players and singers in Gina’s music community Mark Stoffel, Victor and Thomas Furtado, Chris Sexton, and others.

This recording includes only one cover song, a tasteful version of Nina Simone’s “Beautiful Land” that syncopates Gina’s delicate vocal treatment with a melodic banjo line and concludes the album. Clowes’ innovative and unique musicianship and songwriting, although based in traditional music modalities, breaks free from the assumed constructs and makes a new musical statement that’s influenced by emotion, is played with the highest skill, and expresses an enormous verve and vitality!

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