Getting The Fear – Death Is Bigger 1984-85 (2021)

Posted by Thomas on June 17, 2021as

320 kbps | LINKS


1. Rise (Demo Version) (3:43)
2. Dune Buggy Attack (4:38)
3. Last Salute (Demo Version) (3:03)
4. Against The Wind (3:40)
5. We Struggle (4:45)
6. Sometimes (3:51)
7. Yurune (Demo Version) (4:34)
8. Fatal Date (3:43)
9. Getting The Fear (2:49)
10. Swell (Demo Version) (4:42)
11. Michael (Row The Boat Ashore) (2:53)
12. Spirit Of Youth (3:49)

‘Death Is Bigger: 1984-1985’ rectifies history’s error, collecting the group’s entire vault of demos and unreleased songs alongside liner notes and a photo gallery capturing Getting The Fear in all their high libertine glory. The compilation’s 10 tracks are alternately brooding, spiky, and sneering, fixated on dreams, sex, and Charles Manson (the sleeve of Last Salute famously features a detail from Manson’s embroidered waistcoat, unbeknownst to label execs). Razor wire guitars slice across tense rhythms, veering between minimal and melodic, occasionally flowering into psychedelic poetry, revealing Bee’s deep affinity with Psychic TV.

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