Frank Zappa – The Crux Of The Biscuit (2021)

Posted by Green on May 7, 2021as


The Crux of the Biscuit is the fourth installment of the Project/Object series that offers a peek behind the curtain at the making of FZ’s albums, in this case, Apostrophe (‘). If you don’t know Apostrophe (‘), there’s really no context for this material. The first quarter or so of the album is an early sequence of side one, all with 1973 mixes by Kerry McNabb. However, these versions differ in various ways from the ones used on Apostrophe (‘). “Cosmik Debris” is basically exactly the same, with the addition of a very brief additional intro. “Uncle Remus” is exactly the same up until the end of the guitar solo, then we hear some alternate vocal tracks and the backup singers (the Ikettes!) are much higher up in the mix. “Down in de Dew” was first released on the 1987 cassette The Guitar World According to Frank Zappa. Like the tune “Apostrophe’,” it began as a studio jam session with Jack Bruce and Jim Gordon, but Frank erased everything but the drum tracks, later overdubbing guitar, fretless guitar, and bass to create “Down in de Dew.” After that, we’re treated to the track “Apostrophe'” from the album, but this is the original, unedited version! It should be noted that this is FZ’s sequencing, but almost certainly not the tracks he would have used or they would have called it a build reel.

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