Federal – The Blood Flowed Like Wine (2012)

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fedFederale’s The Blood Flowed Like Wine, the bands third full release, expands on their efforts to re-capture the haunting, violent atmosphere evoked by classic Spaghetti Western films. Two years in the making, TBFLW maintains Federale’s use of soaring operatic vocals, fanfare blasting trumpets, lonesome whistle, twangy reverb drenched guitars and swelling men’s choir. TBFLW expands Federale’s vocabulary to include lyric driven songs (feat. Alex Maas of the Black Angels and KP Thomas of Spindrift), and an expanded range of instruments, including string performances (Portland’s 45th Parallel Ensemble), flute, French horn and oboe (with members of the Oregon Symphony) and pedal steel (Paul Brainard of Richmond Fontaine). Spooky electronic textures and unusual exotic instruments add a beautiful haunted quality to many tracks.

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