Farmington Hill – Bridge to Nowhere (2013)

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Farmington Hill are a five piece hailing out of Durango, Colarado. From the off, with the driving into the mountains with beer, girlfriend and fine music of “10 Miles” and the I’ve got a girl and I feel fine of “Oh Yeah”, they set out a welcome mat of southern tinged rock – all blended vocals, a steady driving beat and telecaster solos courtesy of the lead guitar of Erik Nordstrom. It makes for an impressive opener; here is a band that plays that laid back raw country rock that we like so much.

But Farmington Hill are also a band who know how to have fun – maybe just a little too much fun. There’s a clutch of beer drinking songs, the kind of song that would go down live in a drinking situation – like a bar, perhaps. Out of that context there are indeed few such songs that really grab the attention, and of Farmington Hill’s contributions to the genre only the after the night before mood of “Hit my Head” remains memorable. That’s because, perhaps uniquely, it advocates a laissez-faire approach to incontinence: “I fell and hit my head / always wet my bed / I don’t know why that is / But I don’t mind”. I’m going to be straight with you here – the beer drinking songs drag the album down. Which is a shame as they can also produce some little gems of songs – “I found the country” is a great “to hell with the world – let me live my life” song, with that telecaster burning a few bridges behind.

And if that weren’t enough it’s follow on “Lies to Change your Mind” – sounds somewhat like Michael Stipe backed by Richmond Fontaine on what seems a suitably downbeat theme of lost love, but reveals itself to be perhaps more about early death. You know, trim the throw-away songs out and you’d still have ten tracks most of which are pretty decent – anyone who wants to can make a better album of “Bridge to Nowhere” simply through this act of judicious editing. If the band had done the same I’d be raving about this disc.

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