Fantastic Negrito – Please Don’t Be Dead (2018)

Posted by Green on June 14, 2018as

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Negrito’s music is rooted in the blues, though he’s not exactly a blues artist. Groove is what he’s really about on Please Don’t Be Dead. Opener “Plastic Hamburgers” is big and blowsy thanks to a bombastic guitar riff, and the sultry bassline on “Bad Guy Necessity” practically exerts its own gravitational pull, with snaky guitar licks and little bursts of organ trailing in its wake while Negrito sings in an amped-up, growly way. His voice is gravelly and wrapped in murky effects over handclaps on the verses of “Transgender Biscuits,” and Negrito shows a sweeter side of his voice on “Dark Windows” as he croons over a bed of strings and electric piano. The hard-learned life lessons show through on more than a few songs: His voice wrings with emotion over soulful guitar licks and piano on “A Letter to Fear,” and he’s reminding himself and anyone else within earshot about perseverance on the 67-second “Never Give Up,” which features a succession of voices singing and talking over a piano vamp and tambourine.

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