Faith No More – Sol Invictus [Japanese Edition] (2015)

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Eighteen long years since the release of Faith No More’s last album, the iconoclastic alt-metal group will release Sol Invictus on May 19th, via their own label, Reclamation. Bassist Bill Gould produced the 10-song record in the group’s “Estudios Koolarrow” studio, while frontman Mike Patton recorded his vocals at Vulcan Studios, both in Oakland, California.

n a statement the band explained that the seeds of the new album began with a new tune it first played in 2011 in Buenos Aires. “When we debuted our new song ‘Matador,’ we just told them it was a cover song, and they still went crazy,” Gould said.

“‘Matador’ was the first idea that Billy brought to the rest of us, and was in a sense a new beginning,” keyboardist Roddy Boddum said.

“Hypnotic and gothic, we’re coming back to where we were with our first album,” the bassist offered, citing Siouxsie and the Banshees and Roxy Music as early influences. “Then Patton’s being Patton, crooning, screaming, with a bit of soul underneath it all. We’ve always taken strange influences and smashed them together.”

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