Evolfo – Site out of Mind (2021)

Posted by Thomas on June 17, 2021as

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1. Give Me Time (4:49)
2. Strange Lights (3:32)
3. Zuma Loop (3:25)
4. Blossom in Void (3:34)
5. Drying Out Your Eyes (3:52)
6. In Time, Pt. 1 (3:27)
7. In Time, Pt. 2 & 3 (4:26)
8. Let Go (4:22)
9. Broken Hills (2:47)
10. Orion’s Belt (2:05)
11. White Foam (2:34)

Evolfo’s homegrown musical universe is forever expanding.

If the Brooklyn-based pysch rockers felt pressured to repeat the successes of their 2017 album Last of the Acid Cowboys they certainly didn’t show it. One might think a band that racked up 6 million plus streams on their debut record would try to capitalize on this by doing more of the same. But when the 7 members of Evolfo piled into the tiny, sweltering, attic-turned-recording studio of band leader Matt Gibbs’ Ditmas Park home, they intended to spring confidently forward into fresh sounds and more vivid conceptual subject matter. They have flipped the world of the Acid Cowboy on its head, departing the earth bound adventures in melting landscapes, rat cities, and desert sojourns for metaphysical territory and the mountains of the mind. On their brand new album Site Out of Mind, Evolfo reaches far beyond the confines of genre to create a colorful echo drenched psych rock dream all their own.

Partially inspired by concepts pulled from science-fiction and one group psychedelic drug trip, Site Out of Mind is a thrilling spiral into the depths of the spiritual mind and the afterlife. During late-night overdub sessions, the band would tweak lyrics line by line until it resulted in poetic verses like those of “In Time” and “White Foam.” Composed of one-take recordings and produced by Evolfo co-founder Rafferty Swink, the album features organ-heavy songs like “Orion’s Belt”, which makes you feel like you’ve walked into a mind-exploding jam session where everyone is so in tune that they don’t even need to make eye contact. Or heavy, rhythm-driven cuts like “Strange Lights”, which jolts with an energy akin to Can. Evolfo don’t just channel ‘60s psychedelia on Site Out of Mind, from saxophone electronics to droning violinists, they warp the genre with experimental flair. The resulting album is a collection of songs that are unexpected, absorbing, and blissfully tripped out, all topped off with a vivid album cover by visual artist Robert Beatty.

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