Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Trilogy [Deluxe Edition] (2016)

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1972’s Trilogy, produced by Greg Lake was ELP’s triumphant third album complete with cover art designed by the legendary Hipgnosis. Typical of ELP, Trilogy covers a broad musical landscape from the ever-impressive display of virtuosity on the often-live highlight “Hoedown,” the softer delicate composition “From The Beginning,” and displaying their sense of humor on “The Sheriff.” Ambitious and often other worldly; If ever there was an album that showed ELP at their fullest and finest, Trilogy was the band’s moment of magnificence.


1. The Endless Enigma, Pt. 1 (2015 – Remaster)
2. Fugue (Remastered)
3. The Endless Enigma, Pt. Two (Remastered)
4. From the Beginning (2015 – Remaster)
5. The Sheriff (2015 – Remaster)
6. Hoedown (2015 – Remaster)
7. Trilogy (Remastered)
8. Living Sin (Remastered)
9. Abaddon’s Bolero (2015 – Remaster)
10. From the Beginning (Alt Version)
11. The Endless Enigma, Pt. One (Mix)
12. Fugue (Mix)
13. The Endless Enigma, Pt. Two (Mix)
14. From the Beginning (Mix)
15. The Sheriff (Mix)
16. Hoedown (Mix)
17. Trilogy (Mix)
18. Living Sin (Mix)
19. Abaddon’s Bolero (Mix)
20. Hoedown (Live)

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