Emerson, Lake & Palmer – The Everlasting: Best Of ELP [6 CD] (2017)

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320 kbps | 839 MB | LINKS

The death of Keith Emerson and “Progress · Rock voice” Greg Lake, “a rare keyboard player who brought great impact and sadness to the music scene in 2016. In remembrance of their death, the 6-pack Best of · ELP which completed the compilation of 62 songs of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s legacy masterpieces / 62 songs with more than 6 hours of recording time was completed. Japan original project. Includes sound sources from ‘High Voltage Festival 2010’ that includes the songs of historical masterpieces such as ‘Tarcus’ and ‘Brain Reform of Fear’, as well as a revival of one night only. More attention is that it also contains an instrumental mix of famous song “Evil scriptures # 9 first impression (part 1 & 2)” recorded “Brain reform of fear”. This take has not been included in any work released until now in Japan, but it was recorded for the first time this time.

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