Elvis Presley – The Forgotten Album (2020)

Posted by Green on October 25, 2020
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This is an exclusive release for Record Store Day 2020.

Released with the re-issue of the French “Rock And Roll Volumes 1 to 5” EPs is “The Forgotten Album”. While Elvis Presley’s debut album topped the charts in the U.S.the French still favorited the 45 RPM format. That “Forgotten Album” will be released April 18, 2020 as a limited edition with an additional booklet featuring liner notes, photos and documents. The edition of this new album, unfortunately abandoned at the time, fills this void, accompanied by an explanatory booklet with photos and documents.


A1 Heartbreak Hotel (take 5) 02:12
A2 I Was The One (take 2) 02:29
A3 Shake Rattle And Roll (take 7) 02:26
A4 I Want You I Need You I Love You 02:39
(take 17)
A5 Lawdy Miss Clawdy (take 6) 02:11
A6 I’m Counting On You (take 1) 02:12
A7 Blue Moon (alternate) 02:25
B1 Don’t Be Cruel (live) 01:57
B2 Blue Suede Shoes (live) 02:19
B3 Tutti Frutti (live) 02:23
B4 I Got A Woman (live) 02:42
B5 Hound Dog (live) 02:36
B6 Money Honey (live) 02:25
B7 I Forgot To Remember To Forget (live) 02:39


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