Ellen McIlwaine – Mystic Bridge (2006)

Posted by Thomas on May 5, 2021as

320 kbps | LINKS


01. Take Me to the River
02. Save the World
03. Crawlin’ Kingsnake
04. Disposable Society
05. Sidu
06. May This Be Love
07. Dead End Street
08. We the People
09. The Question / Darbari Raag

Ellen McIlwaine is a respected guitarist and singer and has been making albums of scintillating folk/blues since the 1970s. On this 2006 release, she takes her powerful skills and shifts gears, playing acoustic slide guitar on improvisational, Eastern-inflected pieces that are more akin to free jazz than the chiefly blues-based work of her past. Accompanying her on this intriguing journey are Cassius Khan on tablas and Linsey Wellman on sax.

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