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Eleventh Dream Day (EDD) is an American alternative rock band from Chicago.he band was founded by guitarists Rick Rizzo and Janet Beveridge Bean, who met at a place fondly known as 1069. This was a house/practice space/hang out in Louisville where at the time, Beveridge Bean was practicing with the band she was in with Tara Key and Tim Harris: the Zoo Directors. After moving to Chicago, Bean and Rizzo joined with guitarist Baird Figi and bassist Doug McCombs; Bean soon switched over to drums. Their first self-titled EP in 1987 introduced the hallmarks of EDD’s sound: Neil Young-inspired electric guitar workouts mixed with punk energy .

1986 – Eleventh Dream Day
1989 – Beet: Download
1990 – Borscht
1991 – Lived To Tell
1993- El Moodio
1994 – Ursa Major
2000 – Stalled Parade
2003 – Prairie School Freakout & Wayne EP: Download
2006 – Zeroes And Ones
2011 – Riot Now
2015 – Works For Tomorrow

2021 – Since Grazed

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