Eilen Jewell – Live at the Narrows (2014)

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The double-album includes live and updated versions of Eilen’s original songs, some of her favorite covers, and a brand new song titled ‰”Rio Grande‰.” This special release was recorded over two evenings at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA in February, 2014 with her long-time road band. After years of requests for a live album, Live at the Narrows beautifully documents Jewell‰’s live show and features her alluring vocals, Jerry Miller’s blistering electric guitar work and the tight rhythm section of Jason Beek on drums and Johnny Sciascia on upright bass. The cover art is composed of original drawings by Johnny Sciascia. From the Live at the Narrows liner notes: It was raw, biting cold. February, dead of winter, in Fall River, Massachusetts. Eilen was five months pregnant. Jerry had a broken tooth. Jason had a broken heart (an infection in one of his valves). We were all just a little bit broken. The four of us had driven several hours in the snow, parked the Econoline van, loaded in across the ice, and set up our gear on stage. Through it all, we were glad we had made the voyage. The crowd was warm. The Narrows felt like home. We played our best and tried hard to do all the song requests. If you were among those who gathered with us, we thank you. If you are among those listening now, we thank you. If you have ever listened, we thank you. In the din of noise, miscellaneous high-volume assertions, the phony cacophony of chaos that is the world gone wrong these days, it is a blessing to be heard.

1. Where They Never Say Your Name (Live) (3:27)
2. Sea of Tears (Live) (2:27)
3. Bang Bang Bang (Live) (2:28)
4. Dusty Boxcar Wall (Live) (3:55)
5. Reckless (Live) (2:05)
6. Too Hot to Sleep (Live) (2:18)
7. Rich Man’s World (Live) (3:42)
8. Mess Around (Live) (4:06)
9. Santa Fe (Live) (5:10)
10. Rio Grande (Live) (3:46)
11. Rain Roll In (Live) (2:36)
12. High Shelf Booze (Live) (4:17)
13. In the End (Live) (4:14)
14. Warning Signs (Live) (2:32)

15. I Remember You (Live) (4:54)
16. Heartache Boulevard (Live) (2:44)
17. Back to Dallas (Live) (3:28)
18. Why I’m Walkin’ (Live) (2:48)
19. Sweet Rose (Live) (3:14)
20. Blue Highway (Live) (2:35)
21. Drop Down Daddy (Live) (3:27)
22. Boundary County (Live) (3:46)
23. Everywhere I Go (Live) (3:17)
24. Fading Memory (Live) (3:22)
25. Head Over Heels (Live) (3:05)
26. The Flood (Live) (5:08)
27. Thanks a Lot (Live) (3:02)
28. If You Catch Me Stealing (Live) (5:24)
29. Shakin’ All Over (Live) (8:52)

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